Kwikweb Business Opportunities
We have three different business opportunities for you to start your own business

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Business Opportunity

Sales Agent

Website Consultant

License / Franchise

Start-up Cost None R2 500 (no VAT) R150 000 + VAT
Main Activity Selling and Setting up of Basic Websites Selling and/or designing of more advanced websites. Client support. Invest and build your own network of sales agents and website consultants
Once off / Initial Revenue Earn up to R500 for every website built Earn between R2,000 and R2,500 for every website developed (exclude extras) Same as Sales Agent and Website Consultant
Ongoing / Monthly revenue None Between 37.5% and 50% of your own clients' monthly fees. 50% of your sales agents' clients' monthly fees. Between 50% - 100% of all clients' monthly fees
Monthly costs None R150 + VAT 6,5% Royalty
Training required 10 minutes, online Between 4 and 8 hours 2 days personal training by founders, ongoing support & guidance from head office
Ongoing responsibility None Limited support to own clients and sales agents’ clients Ongoing mentoring of sales agents and consultants.
Suitable for people: With limited start-up capital Who want to build a recurring monthly income Investors who want to earn passive recurring income from other people's efforts
Take note / Good to know Can always upgrade to Consultant later on Until you have proven your design capabilities you need to find your own clients Revenue stream takes a while to build up (but then it is rock solid and grows exponentially)
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Our hosting and web design platform as well as our network throughout South Africa allow any entrepreneur to start their own businesses within a day.

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Why start your own Business with the Kwikweb opportunity ?

How to get a Business Opportunity and work from Home

Kwikweb has great news for entrepreneurs who are looking to earn an attractive income every month. By starting your own business with this opportunity you can use your talents, hard work and skills to earn a decent income and grow your own network of customers. We offer one of the easiest website creation, development and management tools so that you can help customers to build and maintain their own websites. But best of all – you can make great money for yourself in the process too and your customers get the opportunity to grow their business.

Don’t fool yourself; this is not a get rich quick scheme. This business opportunity will require your talents and will demand consistency, as with any new business opportunity. There are no shortcuts or instant money involved, nor is there any dishonesty. It’s about empowering yourself with the right tools and training to allow you to create great looking websites that are easy to use and fully functional. This is perfect for people who are looking for cheaper opportunities to get their websites developed. Not that it is an inferior product, we have just built it in such a way that it can be launched cheaply.

In short, the Kwikweb opportunity involves a website developing tool that will help you to create and manage a website easily. The Kwikweb system also allows you to create as many pages as you want, in a day, a week or every month. Not only will you, as a sales agent or consultant, find it easy to create websites with this tool, but you can also show your customers how to create and manage websites on their own. Some customers might ask you to maintain their website on their behalf, in which case you get another opportunity to build a business.

The Kwikweb system allows you to create all kinds of websites, like corporate websites, e-commerce websites, blogs and more. You can create as many pages as you want, when you want, with as much content as you want. You can also use a variety of other great features like member login sections, emails, messages, music clips, forums and more. You can also invite people to sign up for your mailing list and get feedback and reviews on your products or services. This way you can cater for everybody and ensure that you have a wide variety of clientele.

The Kwikweb system also gives clients a range of electronic marketing tools such as bulk sms, electronic newsletters, mobi sites etc. There is something in it for every user, at a price no one can resist.

The first step to becoming a successful entrepreneur with this opportunity is becoming a Kwikweb sales agent or consultant. To become a consultant you will need to pay a R2,500 joining fee and you will get the training you need where we teach you everything you need to know about using our unique website designing tool in order to start your own business. All it takes is approximately 5 hours – and you’re done! You can become a webmaster in less than a day. Where else have you seen a business opportunity where you can start making money on the first day?

Another great benefit of this business opportunity is that you don’t need any prior qualifications or technical knowledge to start your own business. You just need to complete the training to get to know the system and its features so that you can get the confidence you need to sell it to your customers and be creative with it. However, you may also choose to skip the training if you are already familiar with the Kwikweb system or if you want to figure your own way through it. Once you are familiar with the system, you can now start your own business. You choose any area in South Africa where you want to run your business and even target customers outside of South Africa – you are free to run with this business business wherever you want.

As a Kwikweb consultant or sales agent, you can start your own business with our amazing tool and create as many websites as you want every day. Consultants typically charge around R 2,500 to create a website. You can do the math – this can provide you with a pretty good income every month – and you can even earn more by bringing in more consultants to us. Sales agents charge R500 to set up a basic website. These fees are paid directly to the sales agent.

For every new consultant you recruit we will pay you R2,500 (once off) plus an additional R100 per month.

Three people started Kwikweb back in 2005 and by 2014 we grew to a team of 14 people at our head office, with 15 franchisees and plenty of consultants and sales agents that are spread out across South Africa as well as Namibia and Australia. If we weren’t a genuine business opportunity then we would not have grown so successful.

We continue to grow and we focus on one of the most important requirements of modern day marketing – the need for a website and to create an online presence to be able to connect with potential customers.

Getting your own website can be very expensive, so not everyone can afford to have their own websites, especially small organisations that are just starting out. The Kwikweb system eliminates the need for customers to run from one agency to another trying to get the best possible price. Now you can become a webmaster yourself and create your own website, or you can get in touch with another Kwikweb consultant to help you get your own website at a fraction of the cost.

As soon as you start as a consultant you can keep going and expand your clientele by using affordable promotional methods like references from existing customers and social media marketing. We can also help you by supplying you with leads once you have proven yourself to be reliable, capable and trustworthy.

Grab this Kwikweb business opportunity and start your own business today. You can use this for extra income or take it up as a full time job. Whether you are a student, a housewife or even retired, you can earn an extra income and be part of a great business model. All you need to be successful is a systematic and committed approach, and determination to grow your business. If you love socialising, this will be an even better business opportunity because you get to work with people.

Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own Business can be easy

You know what this business opportunity is about and you are convinced that you can make it happen. The next step in this business opportunity is completing the form (no obligation). You will be contacted soon to answer any questions you might have.

Business Opportunities: Money Making Ideas

Most people have thought, at least at some point, of starting their own business, but very few of them ever found the right business opportunity. Since there are so many steps involved, it might sound too complicated or the risk might seem too big. Many people are very capable of succeeding but they never get to that point because they are afraid to take the first step.

Starting a business will always involve some form of risk, but there are also ways to effectively manage this risk. Studies show that people who are self-employed are happier than those working the average day job, even if it means they have to put in more effort and work longer hours. People who are self-employed also have an unlimited earning potential, making them more driven and motivated. How many employed people can associate with that?

Shaping Your Business Idea

Never think that your business idea will work just because you want it to. No business can be successful without a market so make sure that you do your research and find out if your business will have a market. Take a look at similar businesses or competitors and see how they are doing. You can also get government data that will show general business growth areas and you can also work with local business associations that can help you to work out local trends. In South Africa you can contact the Small Enterprise Development Agency to help you with your research.

Always be honest with yourself. If a specific business industry is struggling, ask yourself what you can do that is different, and what you can offer that they cannot. You will need to take a different angle if you want to avoid the same pitfalls. Once you are confident that you are on the right track you should determine who your customers are and how you will be able to reach them.

Don’t forget to consider your competition; take a look at other business in the same industry and make sure that you know everything you need to about the area you want to do business in. You’re your contacts for market research too.

A great way to do this is to send a questionnaire via email to people, asking them whether or not they will use a specific product and if they are already using a similar product from another business. Send this to as many people as you know, and ask them to send it to people they know too. You need to get as much information as you can to help determine if a product will work or not. You should get an idea of how well your product will do in a specific market and who will be interested in buying it. Once you know that you can start to focus on your target customers.

Getting Finance

Now that you know what business to start and how to focus on your target market, you need to make it happen. The next step is getting the finance you need to start.Businesses generally take around six months to get off the ground, so hold on to your income for as long as possible, to give yourself time to get your business going and support yourself until your income improves. Getting finance can be difficult, especially considering our current economic times and the challenges we face.

This is where your research will come in very handy. No one will give you finance unless you are able to provide them with a solid business plan that is credible and practical. They want to see that you have put in the work, analysed the market and know who you should target. If you are in South Africa you can consider approaching SEDA for assistance with possible funding sources.

These options can include bank loans, government grants and specialist small business funding services. The South African small business sector is growing and the government is encouraging this growth, making available more than R 1.4 billion during the next three years to help fund small businesses. The South Africa economy is set for massive growth as it gets out of the recession, so getting into business now is a great idea.

The economy creates opportunity and if you are lucky, investors might just be buying shares in your business in a few years’ time. As long as you are prepared to work hard and put in the effort, you will have a very good chance of being successful.