Frequently Asked Questions
Can I apply for some of the funds available to me now and the balance later, e.g. R50,000 in November and R50,000 in January?

Should you not utilise the full value of R100.000. 00 with your first application, you will be able to apply at a later date, subject to the availability of funds.

Are there any specific terms and conditions applicable in order to allow me to apply for the training vouchers?

Registered with the merSETA for levy purposes, even if exempted from paying the levies – proof of exemption to be provided to merSETA.
Be employing less than 150 employees
Where applicable, levies must be up to date
Operate within the scope of coverage of the manufacturing, engineering and related services sector
In the event of over-subscription, preference will be given to training in the primary focus of the SETA
Training only for South African citizens with a valid ID

    May I apply for the vouchers in excess of R100 000?

    Applications in excess of R1000 000 will only be considered IF all the learners issued with training vouchers successfully complete the training adding up to the first R100 000.

    Can I spread the R100 000 on more than one employee?

    You may apply for as many vouchers as required to the maximum combined value of R100 000.00 for your organisation two vouchers at a time per employee.

    What do I need to do if I would like one employee to attend multiple courses?

    Each employee may apply for a maximum of two vouchers AT A TIME. When they have successfully completed the courses linked to those vouchers, they may apply for maximum two more vouchers, subject to availability of funds for that company.

    Can I register for a Diploma or Degree at a university or college?

    Degree and diploma course funding will not be considered for funding as the primary focus of the SMME Strategy is on the immediate acquisition of vocational and occupational skills in the shortest possible time

    Can I apply for apprenticeship or learnerships on this project?

    No, only short skills programmes are offered in this project. Please contact your nearest regional office for info about apprenticeships and learnerships.

    How long will it take for my application to be processed?

    You will receive an answer from merSETA within 5 working days from receipt of application via email or fax

    What happens after my application is approved?

    Training vouchers will be emailed to the recipients. These must be presented to the provider when registering for the course. All training, assessment and internal moderation must be completed within 6 months from the date of voucher issue.

    What happens if I am booked on a course but am unable to attend?

    Notify the training provider at least 10 days prior to course commencement, and make alternative arrangements. Failure to do so will result in a penalty being levied to you by the provider and cancellation of the voucher.

    How will I know if the training providers listed are reputable?

    Only ETQA accredited providers will be used. Where there is questionable conduct by the provider, their primary ETQA must be notified and if found guilty, they may be de-accredited.

    How will payment be made to the training provider?

    merSETA has entered into Memoranda of Understanding with the registered providers. The provider will be paid the amount as it appears on the authorised voucher when the learner(s) successfully completes the course and such results have been upheld in the moderation process.

    What if the approved learner does not complete or fails the course?

    The employer will be liable to pay the training provider the full cost for the training received. The company may also be disqualified from further participation in the project.

    Can I substitute the learner printed on the voucher with another employee?

    Written requests must be submitted to PRIOR to the commencement of training.

    If I have queries, who can I contact?

    Contact one of our Client Liaison Offices at or call 021-551-5886 and speak to Juanita, Roberta, Margaret or Debbie for assistance with the on-line application or any queries.

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