Why Send Employee's on Training
There is evidence that developing employees makes business sense if training addresses a real need, for example:


Better workforce
Recruitment is likely to be the most costly expenditure in your business. So it pays to get it right first time. Once you've got the staff you want you can't afford to let them drift. Coaching, training and development are crucial not just to ensure you have the skilled employees you need but also to reap the rewards of a loyal and motivated workforce who appreciate the investment you make in them and in turn give of their best to the business.

Better use of IT
Technology is fundamental to the way an organisation functions, if you or your staff aren’t up to scratch it's going to have a powerful and detrimental impact on efficiency, output - and orders from your customers. Computer or IT courses will allow the company to build on the skills it already has and develop the latest capabilities to make sure your business doesn't lose out.

Better management
In business, shaky relationships can shatter effectiveness and spell disaster. And if you're not managing yourself or your team efficiently you'll be losing revenue - and losing face. A management training course can help give you or your staff essential skills for better team working, more effective interactions and improved self-awareness, management and motivation.

Better financial control
If finance is not your speciality, it's difficult to know whether you're optimising potential or missing out - and that can be stressful and unproductive. Finance courses can provide a good grounding to boost your competence and confidence in financial matters so that you can see clearly how best to plan for your business.

Better compliance
Compliance is one of the biggest single issues for concern in businesses. The impact of legislation is inevitable. You need fast, straightforward training that will avoid you wasting valuable time and ensure that you comply cost-effectively.

Better strategy
A crucial issue in a business is finding the time to develop effective strategies that will ensure maximum business growth and optimum efficiency.

Better sales and marketing
Are sales not quite as robust as they could be? Are you missing out on a crucial audience segment? Is your marketing expertise letting you down? If your business is marking time and not marching forward it's time to take a closer look at your sales strategies.

Better risk management
Companies are continuously exposed to Risk which, if not managed properly, can substantially affect both their business and their very existence. However, Risk is something that, if managed properly, can be substantially reduced.

What are the benefits to the SMME?
Capacity building of staff members. Helps SMEs to engage more meaningfully in Skills Development initiatives through providing them with information that will enable them to make better-informed decisions. Higher Return on investment Better and improved relationship with staff members.

What are the benefits to the employee (learner)?
Capacity building through skills and development. Multi-skilling / improvement of existing skills. Qualification / accredited learning. More directed / strategic training e.g. entrepreneurial skills training. Cost effective (saving on money for training).


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