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Flash Logo (JPEGs)

It is possible to create a flash logo, which displays different images. You need to prepare the images you want to use and then upload them. Once uploaded, you can update the ordering.


  1. File: Click on “BROWSE”, select the image for your flash logo and click on “OPEN”.
  2. Click on “UPLOAD”. The following message will be displayed: The file was uploaded successfully!
    Click on “OK”.

    Repeat steps one and two until all the logos required for the Flash logo have been uploaded.

  3. Click (hold) and drag the image to the correct position.
  4. Once the images are in the correct order, click on “Update Image Order”. The following  message will be displayed: The order of the images in your logo have been updated.
  5. Click on “CLOSE WINDOW".
  6. To publish the changes, select “PUBLISH CHANGES”.

  • Flash logos (.JPEG) are only available when using a customisable template on your website.
  • Before you create the images required for the flash logo, first take a look at the format of the logo displayed in the website template you have selected. Ensure that the images are similar to have a good fit and prevent additional work later.

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