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We have three different business opportunities for you to start your own business.

Our hosting and web design platform as well as our network throughout South Africa allow any entrepreneur to start their own businesses within a day.

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Herewith a summary of our three business opportunities that allow you to start your own business.

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Business Opportunity Sales Agent Website Consultant License / Franchise
Start-up Cost None R2 500 R150 000
Main Activity Finding leads and client liaison Selling and/or designing of websites Invest and build your own network of agents and consultants
Once of / Initial Revenue Earn R1,500 for every successful sale Earn between R1,000 and R2,500 for every sale/website Same as Sales Agent and Website Consultant
Ongoing / Monthly revenue None Between 37,5% and 50% of your clients' monthly subscription fees Between 50% - 100% of all clients' monthly fees
Monthly costs None R150+VAT 6,5% Royalty
Training required 10 minutes, online Between 4 and 8 hours either in person or online 8 hours in person, in Cape Town with ongoing support and guidance from head office
Ongoing responsibility None Limited support to clients Ongoing mentoring of agents and consultants. Submit debit order run.
Suitable for people: With limited start-up capital Who want to build a recurring monthly income whilst earning a living Investors who want a recurring passive income from other peoples' efforts
Take note / Good to know Can always upgrade to Consultant later on Until you have proven your design capabilities you need to find your own clients Revenue stream takes a while to build up (but then it is rock solid)
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