System at a Glance
Below are some of the more common features of all the websites. These are the basic features that we feel every website needs for you to be able to get the most out of it.

Bulk Mailing List
Bulk Mailing List & SMS system

Powerful mailing list management system thrown in for free! Come on, go and cost these systems on their own ... Emails are free and SMSs are charged at only 25c, regardless of volumes.

Collect Data from your Website
Collect Data

Online forms and surveys, invite people to join mailing list and to ask you questions. Know what your customers think and find out how you can better service them in their times of need.

Communicate with your Clients
Interact with your customers

Upload and send newsletters & blogs, make announcements, run specials & promotions, forums and product & photo comments. Even have a Members Only section for confidential info!

Works on any Platform
Mobile Friendly Website

Be ready for the next big thing ... the mobile internet! Your website is published on three different platforms ... traditional web and two mobile platforms!

Manage your own Website
Manage own website

We come to you and train you in the use of the World's Easiest Website Creation Tool! You receive ongoing support!

Get a dedicated Mobile Website
Publish various media

Add videos, documents, brochures, photos, gadgets, calendars & choose your own language (Afrikaans, German, French & Portuguese with more to follow!)

Sell your Products and Services Online
Online Shop

Get a complete online shop and grow your business, even during the recession! Invite online enquiries, quotes or sell goods via online credit card facility or EFT.

Specific Addons for most industries
Industry specific modules

Restaurants, Estate consultants, Motor dealers, CPF, schools, accommodation establishments, appointment booking system, recruitment companies. More to follow!

Sell your own advertising on your website

Make money with advertisements on your website and let your website pay for itself!

SEO Optimised
Get discovered, be seen

Our websites work and we can prove it! We give you full hits reports and search terms used to find you. We get your business onto search engines