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Creating jobs and redefining the web design business model

A report released by 'We Are Social' earlier this year found that South Africa has 24.9 million active internet users. While one may shrug that off and say that's disappointing, considering it's less than half the current population...

Diversify your income with the Web

Challenging economic conditions see many South Africans turning to secondary or even tertiary sources of income to supplement their salaries. With retrenchments becoming a reality, this seems to be a logical approach. Eduard Marais, Co-founder and CEO of Kwikweb, takes a look at what people can do to diversity their income in the ...

So you’ve managed to direct more traffic to your website

With more than a million registered South African websites, it is hardly surprising that grabbing the attention of visitors looking for local content is a challenge. Eduard Marais, CEO and co-founder of Kwikweb, provides some tips to keep people engaged...

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An internet business success story

Having been in business for nearly ten years, and with a countrywide network of people who mentor and train each other, the two founders pride themselves on offering the complete package to enable you to start a business, virtually ...