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Frequently asked Questions

18. What is this about?

Websitenow is an online catalogue that contains off-the-shelf websites (readymade templates)

Anybody can sign up as a reseller (sales agent)  and use this catalogue to sell these website templates.

19. What makes these web templates different than all the others on the market?

Websitenow has thousands of templates and they are very detailed. Users are bound to find one for just about any industry. We have a team of 50 South African web and graphic designers on standby to help in customising the templates.

20. How much are these off-the-shelf websites selling for?

The average selling price is R2,500* and includes customisation by a professional web designer.

*The minimum is R1000 and maximum is R3500. The final price will depend on the amount of customisation required.

Take note:

  • There is a compulsory monthly fee of R165+VAT which includes hosting, emails, support and access to a CMS (content management system)

  • Clients need to pay a 50% deposit before we start with the customisation of the template.

21. What do I need to do in order to start selling these templates?

To become an authorised sales agent (reseller), just register by clicking on the red button. It is free.

You will get your own unique catalogue (sales page) with your name and contact details (e.g. All you need to do is show the templates to interested parties.

22. How much money can I make?

Once you are registered you can sell these templates for approximately R2500. You earn 50% of the selling price (but we do all the work). If you sell one website a day and work for 20 days a month, you can earn R25,000 per month. You are entitled to your 50% as soon as the client pays the deposit.

23. How do I sell these off-the-shelf templates?

Open your own sales page (catalogue) and approach any business or organisation. Click in the search bar. Search for the industry or type of business that the potential client operates in. Click on that category. A list of templates will come up. Show the templates to the potential client. If they like a specific template click on the Order button and complete the form.

24. What exactly am I selling?

You are selling off-the-shelf websites (detailed website templates):

  • The template is customised to the client’s exact requirements by our team of professional web designers

  • The R165+VAT monthly fee includes the following:

    • Website hosting

    • Unlimited email accounts (e.g.

    • Access to a CMS (content management system)

    • Telephonic support by a team of friendly South Africans

25. When and how does the client pay for the template?

After the Order form has been completed, one of two things can happen:

  1. You (the reseller/sales agent) can send the client to a special link where they can pay online with a credit card, Snapscan or EFT. They need to pay a 50% deposit (+-R1250). You can find the special link at the bottom of your sales page.

  2. The web designer can contact the client and ask for a deposit

26. When does a sales agent / reseller get his 50% share of the selling price?

The deposit belongs to the sales agent and accrues to him/her the moment the client pays the deposit. Pay outs are done once a week.

27. What if there is no template that the client particularly likes?

There is a (magic) green button at the bottom of each category of templates that says “Not seeing the perfect design, click here”. Complete that form and we will design something from scratch for them at the same price.

28. Do I need to have any knowledge of website design in order to sell the templates?

No, you don’t need any knowledge of websites or programming.

You are marketing the following:

  • Website templates that will be customised

  • Including add-on modules that we activate at no extra charge. See add-ons here

29. Do I need a laptop or ipad?

Perhaps yes; it is advisable that you have a device with a screen bigger than a cellphone. But if you only have a cellphone you can start with that. Otherwise use the potential client’s computer to show the templates to him/her.

30. What if I have any further questions?

When you register you are matched with one of the web designers (this happens within a day or two. We will try and match you with someone in your area). You will receive an email with the web designer’s details.

Alternatively send us your questions via email to