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How to make money with a Kwikwap website

How to make money with a Kwikwap Website

Making money with a Kwikwap Website is no different than making money with any other website.

The main advantages of trying to make money with a Kwikwap Website is the affordable entry level price of the Kwikwap Website as well as a long list of other factors which we will discuss later.

How does one make money with a website? If it were that easy to make money with a Kwikwap website then we would not be selling and designing websites but will be enjoying life on some exotic island. Some Kwikwap website owners are on their way to do exactly just that.

This article will discuss how to make money with a Kwikwap Website.

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Supply and demand

The market price of a product or service is always determined by the unseen economic forces of supply and demand. That is why a Medical Specialist or a Senior Advocate charges thousands of rands per hour. It takes years of hard work and money to obtain these specialist qualifications. Few people have the resources or are willing to work so hard to become so valuable.

It is not the Kwikwap Website which makes the money but the underlying product which you are selling which makes the money.  There needs to be a demand for the product which you intend to sell.

Focus on popular brands

You can make money selling websites and more specifically selling Kwikwap Websites. Some Kwikwap Web Designers get a fair amount of business from the internet by practising what they preach to clients themselves. They do this by themselves having informative websites with unique content and practising healthy habits such as regular blogging about web design.

Kwikwap Websites are affordable, easy to self manage, have a quick turn around time when being designed. The slogan of Kwikwap being: Quick, Easy and Powerful.

But there are hundreds of people out in the market place who have been designing websites for years.

How does one get your foot in the door to squeeze onto page 1 of Google?

It is simple. You do this by being yourself and by being unique. Kwikwap is a strong growing brand with many people going door to door introducing business owners to the software. Kwikwap consultants like Buddy Web Design and Butterbee Solutions know this and their most important Keywords include the words Kwikwap. So when people search for this popular brand these websites of practising Kwikwap Consultants come up. It is not just a matter of inserting a few Keywords and then expecting to get to page 1 of Google.

No before wondering on making money with your Kwikwap websites you need to be realistic on what you are trying to achieve. Using the example of Butterbee Solutions and Buddy Web Design using the Kwikwap brand name as a clever strategy:

Study these websites and note the content and effort which has been exercised in developing these websites. Over time these websites have also attracted a few quality back links (Other websites linking to their websites.) which is good fro SEO. These websites are also backed by Google My  Business pages as well as Facebook Pages. The fact is that Kwiwkap is the product these businesses are selling. By being themselves they found their way to page 1 of Google. There are many web designers all over South Africa. There are less Kwikwap Web Designers all over South Africa.

Making money with your Kwikwap website comes back to the principle of demand and supply determining price. You have to be unique or to be a specialist in the service industry if you want to make money with your Kwikwap Website.

The same applies to making money with a Kwikwap Website when selling products via your website.

There has to be a strong demand for the product you intend on selling or you have to be the sole importer of a product to a region or country.

ThermaveinSA is one such example of where a Kwikwap Website owners is the sole importer and distributor of a product to South Africa. It follows that if there is a demand for this product then this Kwikwap Website will be making money.

How else can one make money with a Kwikwap Website? Some people are under the delusion that it is easy to be the next Bill Gates, Mark Shuttleworth or Mark Zuckerberg on the World Wide Web. These examples included a lot of highly complex coding and programming which only a specialist can do. The did so at the right time as well.

It does sometimes happen by accident. Here is a practical example. One of Buddy Web Designs first clients was a Pakistani importer of Bulk T Shirts to South Africa. This client did not have a good command of the English language. While trying his best to train the Pakistani they ended up typing a few short essays. All in all not more than 1,5 A4 pages of website text. There was the about us text and then there was a paragraph describing Bulk T Shirts and then Bulk Golf Shirts. When the training was done the client gladly paid the R1,500 but when it came time for the debit order the Pakistani protested offering to rather pay commission. Houston we have a problem! Within three weeks the first product enquiries came in and the emails where forwarded to the Pakistani. Whenever there was some political rally organised by the ANC you would see a spike in website hits and then the enquiries followed with emails then being forwarded to the Pakistani. Two months in a row Buddy Web Design received more than R2,000 for simply forwarding a few emails. That after being paid R1,500 for typing less words than this article contains . What is the lesson to be learned from this example? It wasn’t the Kwikwap Website making the money but the uniqueness of the product which was being sold via the website. There are only a few bulk importers of T Shirts in this country and more specifically in Gauteng.

Making money with a Kwikwap Website will always come back to the principle of the law of demand and supply determining price. You need to offer a specialist product or service. Sometimes this happens by accident by more often than not this happens with hard work and determination.

Our next examples deal with exactly just that: hard work and determination. It also deals with uniqueness. So unique is the product and service and so hard the work required before you start making money with your Kwikwap Website that the author willing shares his secrets.

A lot of directories come and go with the people driving these directories thinking they are going to be the next Google. A recent major algorithm update by Google called Pigeon did make local search results more relevant favouring directories a bit more. Updates by Google rarely have a sudden and dramatic impact on search results but where there is more visible changes the change is given a name. It is expected that some websites with a massive amount of low quality inbound links will see severe penalties such as being completely removed from Google’s index and there is even talk of Google employing humans to actively search the internet to penalise such low quality websites as they present a major problem to the way the Internet and specifically search was designed to work.

A directory does offer an opportunity to obtain a quality link to your own website which will enhance your own websites search results.

Buddy Web Design actively runs the following three directories:

After hours and hours of work these websites are starting to produce revenue on it’s own but also is a great lead generating system for Buddy Web Design. These directories are very topic specific and focus on a specific geographical area. The two tourism directories are done in Afrikaans because the English market is over saturated.

The product being sold is in high demand. With the tradesmen directory they offer social media marketing for people such as plumbers, builders and painters. With the tourism websites they offer high visibility for important search terms such as accommodation + area. It could be done in the English language as well but then you need to be very specific about the theme. You have to be realistic as always and do some practical research by studying the existing directories available on the internet.

There is a lot more involved than meets the eye when studying these websites. Money was spent on top quality graphics. Photographers are being employed by bartering advertising space. The important content is provided by Buddy Web Design who posses a minimum level of writing skills. There is a lot of ingredients needed to make money with a directory with the most important being patience, hard work and time. These directory examples are only starting to make money and still require a lot of hard work to bring the projects to completion. Just like many Kwikwap Web Design clients who get provided with a pretty shell and websites which are populated with the initial basic information these websites need to be completed 100% to be the best. Making money with a Kwikwap Websites requires hard work in most instances. Sometimes luck is involved but generally the requirement is hard work.

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The good news is that Kwikwap Websites are easy and affordable. Normal people can become active bloggers and webmasters. They can register their websites with Google’s free resources like Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google My business. If you intend to make money with a Kwikwap Website you need to use these tools and understand them. If there is the important demand for the product you intend selling you should soon see the actual search results. There is no more effective market research tool than having your own website and having access to the actual search results. Supply and demand determines price. If there is a demand for a product then it will show in search results. Google does provide potential advertisers with important information such as the volumes of searches for specific words and terms. It even provides trends for these words. By spending time studying these trends you will have an indicator of the demand for a specific product or service. Yes money can be made with your Kwikwap Website. You will need to offer a product or service for which there is a sufficient demand. The more competitive your industry the more work is required to get the desired results. A website can make you money by saving you time. A nice example is . That’s a pretty website with the business owner being able to self manage her website. She is responsible for the current success of her business. Certain Kwikwap clients are artists or designers. Few people will search for “pretty art” or “pretty” jewellery. Other clients are restaurant owners. They have to deal with Trip Advisor where the public are the true reviewers. Our websites can only help these type of businesses to a certain limit. Yes we can get people to visit for search terms such as function venue but we can not be the Chef or Restaurant manager. We can not manage the product or service sold by our clients. But they too can make money with a Kwikwap Website! It is simple. Time is money for all these business owners. By having online shops with the option of having wholesale and retail prices we save our Jewellery design client time. She has 5 representatives selling the product in 10 countries. Restaurant owners like menu and trading hours are easily accessible. We save them time, which is money by helping them to have this information easily accessible to the public. This is how you make money with a Kwikwap Website!

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How to make money with Kwikwap as a website design consultant

How to make money with Kwikwap

Kwikwap offers various business opportunities in South Africa which enables people to make money.

Making money or how to make money must be at the forefront of just about every South African citizen.

Joining Kwikwap to make money is a great opportunity for South Africans where work is scare and employment opportunities are few and far between. Many school leavers or even University / Technical College graduates in South Africa face a bleak employment opportunity in a global economy facing difficult times, especially in countries like South Africa.

Kwikwap offers a genuine money making opportunity to South Africans of all races and backgrounds. Even qualified accountants , teachers have joined Kwikwap full time and are making money using Kwikwap Software.

This is a tried and tested money making business opportunity servicing a need which all South African businesses need. That need is to be online and increasing sales. Even in a depressed South African economy the need for websites , and more specifically websites that generates money is a sure need.

But just how can you make money with Kwikwap?

Kwikwap Consultants

Kwikwap Consultants offers web design services to the South African public using Kwikwap Software. Our Web Design Software , which is database driven and template based allows people with no programming or coding skills to be web designers.

Even though our software is template driven enough customisation is allowed using CSS Stylesheets allowing more advanced or custom designs.

Initial design fees:

Kwikwap consultants charge between R0 and R3,500 for the initial design of a website.

More money is charged when there is extra travelling involved or where other services than the initial setup and training of clients are involved. (Kwikwap clients are entitled to a minimum service as described in the Kwikwap Client Charter.)

These services could be for example:

  • Business Photography
  • Website copywriting
  • Bulk content loading (More than the initial 20-30 pages as described in the Client Charter)
  • Graphic Design Services such as Logo’s , business cards, stationery

The upper end of the R0 – R,3500 is typically where some graphic design and CSS Stylesheet customisation is involved in achieving a custom look for a client. Some Kwikwap consultants easily sell our product at R3,999 when graphics and customisation is involved.

The lower end of this price range is usually where a client takes a second or third website and does not need any training to populate his website.

The Kwikwap Consultants earns all of these fees and does not share any of this revenue with the Kwikwap Licence Holder or Kwikwap Head Office.

Ongoing service fees:

Clients using Kwikwap Software to design their websites have to have their websites hosted by Kwikwap which is where Kwikwap earns their revenue enabling them to provide the Kwikwap platform and to further develop and improve the system.

This is where Kwikwap consultants can really make money seeing this revenue is shared with them. On the most popular package of R150 per month the Kwikwap Consultant earns R75 per month!

Why is this R75,00 per month where the real money is made?

Recurring revenue is powerful , just ask any property owner or someone who has read Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

If you run your Kwikwap Consultancy the right way you will realistically be able to sell 100 websites in your first year and sit with a monthly recurring revenue of R7,500 after year one. There are some Kwikwap consultants doing more than this per year. We will discuss the right way and having realistic expectations further at the end of this article. Do this for a few years constantly and you will achieve financial freedom and enjoy long December holiday breaks knowing there is money in the bank at the beginning of the new year.

Kwikwap consultants are only entitled to this share of the hosting fees as long as they are actively involved with Kwikwap e.g. selling a minimum of one website per month and are wiling and able to offer free telephonic support (1-2 phone calls) after providing the minimum initial training as per the Kwikwap Client Charter which is why they should view there part of the hosting fees as ongoing service fees.

The Kwikwap Head Office does offer some technical support but the first person responsible for client services are the Kwikwap consultant. This allows the Kwikwap Head Office to focus on maintaining and  improving the software in general. We now even have Apps which can be sold to clients.

Ongoing maintenance fees

Some clients prefer not to learn the software but are willing to pay Kwikwap Consultants rather to do the maintenance for them. Sometimes in these instances the clever Kwikwap Consultant will be able to offer the initial website at a reduced rate because less initial time is involved with setting up the website.

Time is always the real issue:

It is the issue when getting out of the starting blocks with your Kwikwap consultancy and surviving your first year. It is the issue when building your Kwikwap business in the second and third years. They say it takes 3 years to establish any business. It is no different with the Kwikwap way of making money.

Time management is such a vital issue we will discus this also further at the end of this article when we discuss running your Kwikwap consultancy the right way.

Kwikwap Licence Holders

Kwikwap Franchises or Licenses can be bought for R150,000 plus VAT.

License holders can then appoint Kwikwap Consultants.

License holders pay a monthly royalty of 6,5% while having no headaches of Head Office salaries or server management tasks. Licence holders are free to focus on recruiting Kwikwap Consultants and finding clients.

Using the example of the Kwikwap consultant: if a License holder finds 100 clients in a year he will add R14,025 to his monthly recurring revenue (100 clients at R150 per month). If he found the clients himself he does not have to share any commission with the consultant, and the license holder get to keep all of this recurring revenue to himself. In most instances License holders will find clients themselves as well as trough appointing Kwikwap Consultants.

Running your Kwikwap Consultancy the right way

This article is about how to make money with Kwikwap. This can only be achieved by doing it the right way. Doing it the right way always first implies that you understand the environment in which you operate in. We assist small and medium businesses with their marketing and sales needs. Without marketing and sales no business will survive. The same most definitely applies to your Kwikwap Consultancy business. Your potential clients have the same needs as you have; the need to increase their sales. Some web design clients do not rely on their website to get more business but for example to simply have a public presence or for ease of admin but in general people hope that their website will bring them in new business.

Part of your task is to manage your clients expectations so that it is aligned with the efforts required to achieve the desired results.

A website will only bring a business new clients if the website is visited by the right potential customers at the right time. To fast track this process one could consider advertising with Google so your website is found by people looking for a specific product and then having your website presented. But this cost money and money is something we all like to receive a little more than we like to part with.

Clients need their websites to be visible without only relying on paying search engines for advertisements. This only happens when the clients website are optimised for search engines. You have to understand SEO or (Search Engine Optimisation) .

Below is two videos which explains How Search Works and what are the top 3-5 mistakes web designers make:

Matt Cutts – How search works

Matt Cutts – Top 3-5 mistakes website owners make

Not only is it vital you understand the important basics contained in these videos in depth but that you impart a basic understanding on SEO to your clients. Without your clients doing their bit in providing content for their websites the project will fail.

You have to make use of Google Webmaster Tools and Google my Business. You can include registration in your web design package offering or ask a separate fee for these additional services. Again this is an opportunity to make money with Kwikwap. Some clients might also need assistance with the opening of a business Facebook page or even the management of a Facebook page. Social Media activity is one of two hundred factors search engines like Google considers when determining how visible a website should be.

With enough time we all could get this right. As discussed in the beginning of this article time is the real issue. Your potential clients are often too busy trying to get in new business or too busy trying to collect money to have time to sit down with you to get their website started. You will often find a new client in front of your desk or you in front of his when business is slow, when the economy is down. Often then it is almost too late. It takes time for a website to get good visibility on the internet.

The good news for all small and medium business owners are:

  • Kwikwap Software is affordable
  • Kwikwap Software is user friendly
  • Our websites are responsive (Displays neatly on all devices)
  • Is backed by ongoing support during normal South African business hours and support even after hours by you the Kwikwap consultant
  • Our turnaround time is the fastest in the industry.
  • We also offer a built in SMS facility, Email System, APP development

The Kwikwap product sells itself. It is simple to sell using the abovementioned strengths.

One of the risks when considering your own time is that you quote for a basic or standard website and end up with a client who expects a custom or deluxe website. Especially when starting out it is important to offer clients a custom design done by our in-house specialists. Unless you are a pro with software like Photoshop as well as skilled in CSS Stylesheets you should be wary of clients expecting a fancy design and then try and offer the service yourself.

Nobody can wear 5 different hats at the same time. You will either be good at sales, training, programming, website copywriting, admin, graphic design or customer relations but nobody can be good at all of these at the same time.

Yes, money can be made with Kwikwap but as explained in this article it is a little more complicated and involved. It is a great career to consider. Over time you can evolve to become a specialist in small business web design and SEO. You will add a 100 clients a year and you will reap the financial rewards bt you will also establish yourself as a professional.

Increasing sales and having a great website and doing well on search engines should soon see it’s way as a standard subject in any business degree. That is how an important part of a business it is. It does require time to get the necessary level of skill and confidence. One of the best things you can do is to get someone doing all your sales and marketing for you or for you to be that person and then to outsource the complex design to in house specialist. At the start of your career with kwikwap your Kwikwap Licence holder and you need to sit down and discuss your strengths and weaknesses and develop a roadmap for success. Welcome to making money with Kwikwap. It’s a great career path you have embarked upon!

Click here to see a summary of our business opportunities

Car Incentive Terms and Conditions

We are introducing a new incentive scheme where we will give all consultants a brand new car to the value of R100,000 if the consultant signs up 150 new clients in a rolling 12 month period (that's about 3 new clients per week). So If you sign up 150 clients in any one year period (12 month total starting on any date) you will receive a brand new car! It's that easy!

  • we may decide to brand the vehicle with Kwikwap/Kwikweb at our cost
  • we will insure the vehicle and recover the premium from the consultant
  • the 150 clients must to be on Level 3 or 4 (or see point d below)
  • clients on Level 1 and 2 can also count as follows: 4xLevel1 counts as one and 2xLevel2 counts as one
  • new sub consultants also count for the 150 clients
  • this scheme cannot be combined with any other incentive scheme or promotion (you can't get the car & TV's & trips etc on top of the car)
  • if one of the 150 clients cancels the consultant is obliged to get a new client in its place
  • clients whose debit orders don't regularly go through or who don't pay their invoices regularly within 30 days will not count towards the 150.
  • The consultant must still be eligible for commission as per the standard terms and conditions of the consultancy agreement (e.g. one new client per month and "willing and able" to support clients)
  • If any of the terms and conditions of this scheme is not adhered to the car must be returned to Kwikwap
  • Kwikwap reserves the right to amend this fineprint but Kwikwap undertakes not to change the essence/spirit of the incentive scheme (e.g. change it to 200 clients or so). Only the fine details may be changed.

Cash Incentive Terms and Conditions

If you collect 15 or more debit orders in a rolling 60 day period then we will pay you R10,000 cash IN EXCHANGE for the monthly commission for 6 months on those 15 debit orders. In other words you receive your commission in advance plus an extra +-40%

The details:

  • This is a voluntary payment from our side and we reserve the right to decide if we want to do the exchange or not (any monkey business = no payment)
  • We are not forcing you to participate (however, you make a ┬áR3,250 cash PROFIT #)
  • Basic/Starter sites (R59) count as half a site (demos or sites which upgrade is not complete does not count)
  • This is only open to consultants in the Sentido Franchise only (i.e. Kwikwap head office)
  • Sites lost/cancelled will be deducted to calculate the 15
  • The date of site was created will be taken into account. A site that was started more than 90 days before the month end will not count (we want to prevent the "hoarding” of debit orders)
  • Manual / invoice payers can count if they have paid for 6 months
  • The clients debit order needs to be honoured before it can count
  • This incentive cannot run in conjunction with the "car incentive scheme" (you need to choose which one of the two incentives you want to participate in)
  • We reserve the right to amend these rules (but we will be fair)
  • This incentive should enable you to give discount on the sites (knowing that you will a nice cash incentive from us)
  • "Consultant own sites" does not count
  • We know it sounds too good to be true, but honestly, there is no catch. You don't have much to loose. 15 sites over 60 days in one website every 4 days. Eish!

# PROFIT figures:

The commission on 15 websites on SME sites (R150) is R1,125 per month (R75 x 15) and for 6 months that equals R6,750 (R1,125 x6). Your profit thus R3,250 (R10,000-R6,750)