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CSV Upload

Where you already have an existing customer database, these details can be loaded into your website mailing list via CSV upload. It is also possible to upload individual customer details.

  1. CSV FILE: Click on this link to see more details about preparing a CSV file.
  2. BROWSE: Click on �Browse� to select the CSV file and click on �Open�.
  3. Click on �UPLOAD�. The following message will be displayed: CSV file has been uploaded successfully.

  • When the CSV file has not been prepared correctly (e.g. incorrect format), the following message will be displayed when you attempt to upload the file: Sorry, the file you tried to upload is in the wrong format or too large. Please make sure it is a CSV file.
  • When saving the file in Excel, select the CSV (comma delimited) format from the "Save as type" list, instead of typing the file extension in the file name.

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