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View Mailing List

There are different viewing options available when viewing your website mailing list. You can view all, or sorted by alpha character (surname). Customer details are also maintained on this page. You can either edit the details or delete the customer record.


  1. SHOW ALL: Click on �Show All� to view all the customers on your website mailing list.
  2.  (Edit) Click on �E� to edit the customer�s details.
    • Update the relevant customer details and click on �UPDATE�. The following message will be displayed: Your client has been updated.
  3.  (Delete) Click on �D� to delete a customer�s details from the list.

  • Do not click on the Delete button unless you are certain you want to delete the customer record. Once selected, the customer record will be permanently deleted.
  • To see surnames starting with K, click on �K�.
  • It is important to update your customers� details regularly, to ensure communications about your products/services reach them timeously.

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