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Send Individual SMS


You can communicate with client/subscribers via SMS. Remember to keep it short and to the point.


  1. Recipient number: Enter the cellphone number in international format: i.e.
071 555 1234
Use the relevant international dialing code:
27 (in place of 0) and then the rest of the number: 71 555 1234 (do not include the spaces).
You get:
  1. Two SMS options are available:
  • To send a link to any one of the following on your website, click on the drop-down list to select the relevant item:
    - Documents and brochures
    - Specials and promotions
    - Newsletter
    - Photo gallery
  • Select "Custom SMS", to send a unique SMS.
  1. Enter the text for your SMS. When you are sending a link, default text will be completed for you.
  1. Click on �SEND NOW�. The following message will be displayed: Your SMS�s have been sent.
  2. To publish the changes on your website, select �PUBLISH ALL CHANGES�.

  • Once you have sent the e-mail, do not reload the page � this will cause the SMS to be sent twice.
  • Note: there is an additional cost involved when sending SMS messages.



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