Website Editing Guide

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Add a new Link

With website links you can create a shortcut to other websites/pages/documents in the form of a:

  • word

  • picture

  • website address


  1. Image: Click on "Browse...", select the image and click on "Open".

  2. Link: Enter the website address.

  3. Description: Enter a short description for the website address.

  4. Click on "COMPLETE". The following message will be displayed: Your new link has been added to your website.

  5. To apply the changes on your website, select the "PUBLISH ALL CHANGES" button.

  • Various website links can be added on your website.

  • Always test a link, once added, to ensure the website address was copied correctly. To copy a website address, ensure that the whole address is highlighted before you select "COPY", or press "Ctrl" and "C" to copy.


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