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Manage Your Branches


This allows you to add branches to your Contact us page.


  1. Click here to add a new branch. 
    1. Enter the name of the branch.
    2. Drag the pointer to the actual location of the branch on the map. Use the zoom function to pinpoint the position exactly.
    3. Enter the cell number of the manager at the branch.
    4. Enter the telephone number of the branch.
    5. Enter the email address of the branch or the manager at the branch
    6. Enter the skype contact of the branch or manager at the branch.
    7. Enter the GPS co-ordinates of the branch.
    8. Enter directions or special instruction in the content editor. Note that this content editor works the same way as all the content editors in your management portal. 
    9. Click the ADD BRANCH button to add the branch
    10. Do not forget to click the PUBLISH ALL CHANGES button to make your changes visible on your website.
  2. Click the Update / Delete an existing branch if you want to update or delete an existing branch.  (Note that we did not include a screenshot of this action)
    1. Clicking on this radio button will take you to a screen that lists all the branches you have already entered.
    2. Click on the to go to the info of the branch you want to update. This action will take you to a screen similar to the one explained under the Add a Branch function. Follow the steps explained in that section to make changes to your branch
    3. Click on the on the left of the branch you want to delete. Please note that the branch will be deleted immediately and you will not be asked to confirm the deletion. Be very careful with this step as you cannot undo this action
  3. Click the Change the Order of your branches button to change the order of your branches.
    1. Your mouse pointer will change from a single arrow to four arrows when you hover over a branch name that can be moved.
    2. Click and drag a branch to its desired position
    3. Click on the UPDATE BRANCH ORDER button to update the order of your branches.
    4. Remeber to click on the PUBLISH ALL CHANGES button to affect the changes.


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