Website Editing Guide

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Edit / Manage a Album (Including Comments on your Photos)


Here you can add, edit or delete photos, move photos to change the sequence in which they are displayed, and view or delete comments left on your site about the photos.


Click on "Add a new photo to this album" to upload a single photo from your hard drive onto your Kwikwap website.

Click on "Add multiple photos" to upload a several photos to one album from your hard drive onto your Kwikwap website.

When you click on "Update/delete an existing photo", a table containing thumbnails and information relating to the photos will be displayed. You have the following options:

Edit : Change the photo description

Delete :  Delete this photo from this album

Move : Move the photo to another (already created) album on your website.

"View/delete photo comments" allows you to view and/or delete comments that visitors have left about the photos on your website.


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