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Add a new Position

Add new position details – ensure that it is detailed, in order to assist in getting the right applicants.


  1. Company Name: Insert the name of the company  offering the position.
  2. Contact Person: Enter the contact person’s details.
  3. Contact Number: Enter a contact number for the contact person.
  4. Alternative Contact Person: Enter a secondary contact person’s details.
  5. Alternative Contact number: Enter a contact number for the secondary contact person.
  6. E-mail address: Enter the relevant e-mail address.
  7. Physical address: Enter the physical address details.
  8. Industry: Enter the industry details which the position fits into.
  9. Position: Enter the position name.
  10. Package: Enter the remuneration package details.
  11. Location: Enter the location of the position.
  12. Description of position: Enter a description of the position and the job outputs.
  13. Click on “SUBMIT”. The following message will be displayed: Thank you for the information, it has been added to your profile.

  1. Status: Once a position has been created by the site administrator, the status will reflect as "verified".
  2. Click on "STATUS CHANGE"   to change the status to "not verified". The following message will be displayed: The status of the job has been changed.
  3. To publish the changes on your website, select “PUBLISH ALL CHANGES”.


  • When the status of a position is “not verified”, the advertisement will not be shown on the website.
  • A position added by a website customer, will be in “not verified” status until you have verified the details and updated the status.


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