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Current Un-verified Positions

Any vacant positions added on the website by website customers, will be defaulted to “not verified” status.


  1. The number of unverified positions are displayed in brackets.
  2. Status: Vacant positions added by external customers are defaulted to “not verified”, which gives you the opportunity to verify the details before placing the position on your website. The position status will be displayed. Click on:
  • verify” once you have confirmed the vacant position.
  • remove” if the position is not be advertised on your website.
  1. Company: The company’s name that has the vacant position.
  2. Position: The vacant position that is advertised.
  3. Description: A description of the position advertised.
  4. To publish the changes on your website, select “PUBLISH ALL CHANGES”.

Include the closing date for applications in the description section for the selected position.

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