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Add a new boat


This option allows you to add a boat listing to your website.


1. Enter the make of the boat.

2.  Enter the model of the boat.

3.  Enter the length of the boat.

4.  Enter the price of the boat.

5.  Enter the year made of the boat.

6.  Enter the electronics of the boat.

7.  Add any additional information about the boat.

8.  Enter the rider capacity.

9.  Enter the hours the boat has spent on water.

10.  Enter whether the boat comes with a trailer.

11.  Enter the number of engines on the boat.

12.  Enter the engine model.

13.  Enter the power of the engine.

14.  Enter the fuel type of the boat.

15.  Enter the hull material of the boat.

16.  Enter the displacement of the boat.

17.  Enter the fuel capacity of the boat.

18.  Enter any other accessories that comes with the boat.

 19.  Six images can be added per listing. Click on the "Browse" button to add images and click on"Open".

20.  Click on "ADD BOAT" to complete the listing.


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