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Edit Survey

Use this Kwikwap functionality to EDIT AN EXISTING form/survey on your website.

When you edit an existing form/survey, you WILL LOSE all data captured from respondents. Unless you want to discard the collected information, FIRST download the response data by clicking on the grey text after the red warning.

Click on the "Edit Survey" icon next to the survey name.

You now can perform any of the following actions:

  1. Edit survey details
  2. Edit or remove any of the questions on the survey
  3. Add a question to the survey
  4. Repeat any or all the above actions as often as needed to update your form/survey.

When you have finished editing the survey:

  1. Click on the "FINISH" button
  2. Click on "Back to surveys/forms list"

You will now be shown a list of all the forms and surveys you have created.

Click on "Allocate your surveys" to link a survey to a particular page.
Click on "Click here to show the survey/form on your website"
Click on "Click here to show in the members section"

Without clicking on one of the three options above, your form/survey will be stored in your Management Portal, but WILL NOT be displayed on your website.

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