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Check Responses

Use this Kwikwap feature to check responses to your form/survey online, without downloading the data. You may also select to DOWNLOAD the response in a table format (.csv file), or use the ANALYSIS feature.

View responses online

Click on the "Check responses" icon next to the form/survey you want to have a look at.

The responses will be displayed in table format with your questions in the first row, and each respondent's reply in the following rows. Their replies to your questions will be listed in the column under the correlating question.

Download responses

Click on the "Download the responses (.csv for Excel)" text above the online table displaying the responses.

You will now see a dialog box asking you whether you would like to save the file, and where to save it on your hard drive. (This will vary depending on the settings of your browser.)

Click "OK" or "SAVE" to download the response data to your hard drive in ".csv" format.

You can now open the spreadsheet application on your computer and analyse the downloaded data as you wish.

Analysing the responses

Click on the "Analyse" text or icon above and to the right of the displayed responses.

Each (non-text) response will be categorised according to answers received, and you will be given a percentage analysis of the replies to each question.

Click on "Responses" to go back to viewing the responses online
Click on "HOME" to return to the form/survey listing in your management portal.

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