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Add / Edit / Delete new Categories

You will start creating your Directory Module on this page.

This modulec an get a bit tricky. To make things easier for you it is advisable to know exactly what you want to do with this module before you attempt to use it. Make sure that you have the structure you want as well as all the information that will be used to populate this module

1. The system automatically creates some standard fields with standard field names that cannot be changed. Do not EVER edit the names of these fields.

2.  Input the headings of the fields/columns you want to use. For this example we want to create a search for different types of accomodation and added Establishment Type, Rate, Suburb, City and Province.

3.  Note that you have to click on the"Update" button after you inserted text in the text box. You can also click the "Delete" button if you want to delete a custom field.

4.  One of the many powerful features of the Directory Module is the fact that you can add as many fields as you want. Click on the "Add a field" and add more fields if you need to.

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