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Edit / Delete Directory Entries

With this section you able to edit and delete directory entries. You have 2 options for editing entries in your directory:

1 - You can manually edit the entries that you wish to OR
2 - You can download the list of entries and edit them in Excel and then upload the changes again. You can only edit the entries name and the categories they are linked to. If you decide to download the list and edit the entries in Excel please DO NOT change the order of the fields in the following excel spreadsheet. If you wish to add items, add them on the next available line BUT leave the ID field blank. Leave the first line as it is and continue editing the lines below.

There will be no information displayed under your category headings if you click on this section directly after you added your new categories. You need to follow the steps under the "Upload CSV / Download CSV" first before you will be able to use this section.

1.  Click on the cross of any entry if you want to delete that line item. This action will only delete the specific line entry. Please note that the entry will be deleted instantly. You will not be prompted to confirm the deletion.

2.  Click on the pencil of any entry if you want to edit that specific entry. This will open the "Edit Directory Entry" box.

3.  Edit the name of your product.

4.  Use the content editor to add a description for your product.

5.  Edit the rest of the fields that you created for each product.

6. Click on the "Update Entry" button to update your entry.





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