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Upload CSV / Download CSV

You will use this section to initially download the directory structure of your directory and the insert and upload the initial data to the module.

Please DO NOT change the order of the fields in the your .csv file. If you wish to add items, add them on the next available line BUT leave the ID field blank. Leave the first line as it is and continue editing the lines below.

1.   Click on "Download CSV" to download the .csv file with the directory structure you created under "Add / Edit / Delete new Categories". Add the data you want to the file and make sure to save it as a .csv file.

2.  Click the "Browse" button and locate the newly saved .csv file on your computer.

3.  Click on "Upload CSV" to transfer the file to the Kwikwap server. You will receive a confirmation message when the upload is completed. This message will also indicate how many records were uploaded as well as how many records were updated.

4.  Click on the "Delete All Records" button if you want to delete all the records. Note that all records will be deleted instantly and you will not be prompted to confirm the deletion.

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