Website Editing Guide

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1.1 Q&A



This option offers the Kwikwap client various guides to the workings of the Kwikwap system.  It can be found under the "Help" button on the top right hand side of the screen, the various guides are listed in the drop down menu.

It offers a platform where you can ask questions and view answers.

You will find your agent details as well as the Franchise Lisence Holder's details.

You will find the email setup here.

We have also added articles on how to improve your web presence and web design tips.

If all this seems to much for you, start with the Overview of the System.  It provides you with a simplified flowchart of the Kwikwap system.

Once you have familiarized yourself with this, you can move on to the Management Portal Overview and Content Editor Overview

Once you understand these three important documents, Kwikwap will be child's play.

Enjoy creating your website and remember that everyday you will learn something new.

Kwikwap is an ever improving system that will take your website to new heights if you take the time to learn what the system has to offer.





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