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Add a Member

The website administrator can add members from the portal side. It is possible to make member details visible to all, or only themselves.


  1. Name: Enter the member 'sname.
  2. Surname: Enter the member's surname.
  3. Contact Details: Enter relevant contact details, e.g. cell number.
  4. Email: Enter the member’s e-mail address.
  5. Username: Enter a username for the member.
  6. Password: Enter the password.
  7. Visible to other Members? If member details should be visible to other members, select “YES”, otherwise “NO”.
  8. Click on “ADD”. The following message will be displayed: The member has been added. An e-mail has been sent to the member.
  9. To publish the changes on your website, select “PUBLISH ALL CHANGES”.

The details of members that join via the web, will by default be visible to other members. Remember to change the status if this is not acceptable.

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